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O rly?

The very Random rp

11/6/06 06:51 pm - bared_phantom - Must...Up...Date...xD

...*walks in*...*pokes everyone* :U I have an update? XD

just some..icons...wallpaper...thats about it :U After that you can post you're pointing and laughing at my non existant skill xDDD!


9/28/06 05:11 pm - bared_phantom - Leik is everyone DEAD out there!?

HEY GUYS WAKE UP XD!!! I know I can be boring but this is ridiculous!!!

Lets get this...PARTY, Whatever it is, STARTED..~!!

Danny: Party? What party?!?!

Eeer... >.> A phantom party for this place?

Danny: But But but~!

Oh HUSH and break out the spinning bottles >.>; I'll invite paulinaaa~

Danny: O.O;; >.>;; <.<;; Fine.


Oh and by the way, all of you are invited XD



EVERYONE BETTER COME--Cause..It gets boring >.>; ;v; and I'm lonely...XD;;

Will there be music? Of course XD Will there be spin the bottle, ABSOLUTELY.

Danny: Will there be Paulina all over me?!

only if she's drunk...Or if your ghost...  >.>

Danny: 8D Well, I'm in then...

SO WHOS WITH ME?!?! If anyone that is

9/13/06 05:12 pm - bared_phantom - ZOMG LEIK I FURGUT TO UPDATE OHNOES D:


I guess its cause I was bored. And had a lot on my mind, but now Im back up with the tops sooo.... HERES AN ART DUMP 8D

9/2/06 10:33 pm - bared_phantom - A ghostly encounter-

Sam, as her alter ego Phantom Star, flew her way across the sky, enjoying the rather brisk night air herself, her glowing red spandexed jumpsuit cutting through the other wise Navy Blue night starry sky. It was then a pink like mist escaped escaped her mouth, with a deep sigh she haulted her flight


9/2/06 12:19 pm - krystal_tylor

im Krystal Ball [my OC self] i consider my self a normal person

Krystal tends to ether be a hothead, or entirely random,
she wears a black t-shirt with a star under it, and under that, a red turtle neck, she wears normal jeans, and black hight top chuck talors, and last but shurly not least, she wears a blue beanie

she has 3 rageing dragons living in her head, and they come out when she takes off her hat, and cause complete terror to whoever made her mad

shes a 13-year-old, and she likes toast, marshmellows, pengins, and manga

chibi: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/38037873/
dragons: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/36381619/?qo=6&q=by%3Ak-ball-080493+sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps

thats all for me, sorry its not much

9/2/06 10:42 am - bared_phantom - Intros Intros...Uh...Yeah ^^'

Hi, I'm Sam. Yeah...Uhm....Well about me..Well my lifes pretty normal :3 *Coughcough*unlessyoucountGhosthuntingandbeinghalfghostnormal*coughcough* Excuse me XD Bad cough ya know.

ANYWAY, I'm just your average,not popular student, with an even less then average life, Ya see, I'm kinda friends with a kid named Danny and...Well, our lives are more then just normal *cough*Causewe'rehalfas*coughcough* Anyway.

Aside from running from big jock bullies *cough*andtheocassionalySkulker*coughcough*, Trying to get with the A lists *coughcough*Andfightingforourafterlife*coughcough*, Trying to fit in period *coughcough* Inthisworldandtheghostzone...*coughcough*

We're pretty normal...So please talk to us? It gets lonely....XD;;

Oh~ And..Uhm...All questions are directed at Danny >D

Danny: WHAT!?


9/2/06 01:47 am - jinglestan

    Well I guess now is better than never to introduce myself. My name is Abel Nightroad. I work for the AX agency in the Vatican. I used to work as a commander in the UNASF.

    I am a wondering priest who seves to make up for the millions of deaths I've caused in the past. I'm much tougher than I seem. I have a good eye with a pistol and can hack even the most complicated codes. I am also an extremely powerful being called a Crusnik that Lives off feeding on the blood of vampires.  

    I refuse to kill anything I hunt, for i have slaughtered enough lives in the past, so I try to repay those debts by saving the lives of as many innocent people i can.

    More general things about me? I am normally not very rich ok....im poor... and i like my Milk Tea with 13 lumps of sugar. I try to be friends with whomever I can and i am very kind to the society around me.

    I wear a long black coat with buckles and a cross. My long grey hair is pulled back with a black ribbon and I have a pair of round lenses glasses. I also wear an overcoat with a big collar over my suit and white gloves.  My eyes are a bright, yet grey-blue.

Well....thats enough of me. If you have questions feel free to ask more.
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